Creating Comfort For The 21st Century

Our wide range of Polyurethane products are mostly used in the Furniture, Bedding, packaging and Medical Industries.

Through constant research and development we cater for various other needs. A few of our new developments includes carpet underlay; Foot-Joy ®, HR –High Resilience Foam and Cool Gel Memory foam.

Our Branches are located in all large city centres and our own transport fleet makes us leaders in the field to the industries using foam.

Half A Century Of Innovation & Service Excellence

This is the 50-year journey of how cushioning for fruit evolved into comfort for the night, and we haven’t stopped innovating since.

Strandfoam was the first to

  • Manufacture an ether-like ester foam
  • Manufacture flame retardant foam
  • Grind foam off-cuts into a powder and to recycle that powder back into virgin foam
  • Perfect the seals of gearpump to be leak-free and chemical resistant

Some Of Our Products And Latest Innovations

Virgin Foam

Polyurethane foam is a versatile material produced by reacting two compounds and can be produced with a variety of density and hardness levels ranging from 11 to 50.

Thanks to its versatlity and comfort level it can be moulded or cut into many different shapes. This makes it an ideal material for use in diverse applications.

Our Virgin Foam is used in the manufacture of mattresses, pillows, furniture, padding for sports equipment and in many of the products we use everday.

Strandfoam’s Virgin Polyurethane Foam is the ideal choice for any application.

Chip Foam / Reconstituted Foam

Chip foam – Foam offcuts are cut through a state of the art machine which uses less energy than the conventional chip machines by cutting and not shredding the foam offcuts.

The chipped foam is used for pillows, seat cushions, scatter cushions, and various other uses in the Furniture Industry.

Reconstituted Foam – Foam chips are re-bonded into blocks and used for Mattresses, Bus seats, Gymnasium mats, Restaurant seats and other forms of high density usages in the Furniture and Bedding Industry.

Memory Foam

Through years of innovation Strandfoam began producing viscoelastic foam.

The use of visco polyols allowed us to manufacture foam with optimal pressure distribution simulating the ultimate plush feeling of weightlessness.

Memory foam allows the bed to adapt to the body and not the other way around enabling it to form cradle that will match your sleeping style.

Strandfoam’s Virgin Polyurethane Foam is the ideal choice for any application.

Hi-Resilient Foam

High Resilient (HR) Foam is the highest grade of polyurethane foam available.

Another quiver in the Strandfoam arsenal is the High Resilient foam range.

The irregular cell structure allows for exceptional load bearing capacities and affords the body the freedom to move with low energy expenditure.

This will often form part of the transitional layer for a memory foam mattress making it the perfect companion on higher end products.

Strandfoam’s Virgin Polyurethane Foam is the ideal choice for any application.